Defining ‘No’

No exclamation 1.used to give a negative response or expressing disagreement noun 1.a negative answer or decision. No is the most misunderstood word. A man said to her wife when she put forward her longing to work, a clear "no". The same man abuses his wife with his belt in his hand, and when she… Continue reading Defining ‘No’


Women’s day or is it?

Happy international women's day. I believe every day is women's day. Every day we celebrate, when we ignore the news of how a little girl got harassed. When we see them mocking her at her workplace, but we stay mum. When we see her being teased on the streets, but it does not matter to… Continue reading Women’s day or is it?


The Poem: It Isn’t About Falling

Here is the complete poem-- "It isn't about falling once The sun wasn't bright And the hurdle wasn't clear Enthusiasm went low In the absence of the glow And You fell once. It isn't about crying now That tear smudged face Is your real fall It isn't about despairing You can't hide      … Continue reading The Poem: It Isn’t About Falling