"It left the corner Of my watery eye Slowly. Silently spilled. Leaving a trail From the edge Of my nose Of my mouth. Then dropped From my chin. Unnoticed. It's trail faded away But the emotion didn't The dark clouds Covered the sky Still After the drizzle." Sometimes painful emotions linger on and you require… Continue reading Persistent


A Cup For You

Hello, Early morning has its own charms. It gets prettier when it has rained a few hours before and you get to see some beautiful art by nature. These pretty pitchers holding drops of water are a example of such beauty. I couldn't help but take a pic. So, for them- In the lazy dawn,… Continue reading A Cup For You


Nature: To relate and To learn

When you explore nature, which aspect of it can you relate to your real life and which aspect of it teaches you something? A dear friend asked me the above. And here I am presenting you another thought-provoking question. My answer went like this- Everything of nature is an object of my admiration. Its beauty… Continue reading Nature: To relate and To learn


Stronger Than The Storm

Here is a poem-- "When the sky grew dark The lightening would strike To scare me When i was little, Which was not long ago. Now the thunder roars The same as before. The waters fall furiously Like they used to. But i am what is different here The winds hurl wildly With the same… Continue reading Stronger Than The Storm