(Untitled)- Short Poetry

A sudden grief shadows me How unreasonable is this pain Even the sweet chirping of the cuckoo Awakens the emotions again All the beauty around me And I, such a contrast When my surroundings laugh I force a smile and I believe this pain will not last. Sometimes nature urges you to smile and feel… Continue reading (Untitled)- Short Poetry


The nature, A Woman

A poem written by me-- "Mother nature, yes she is A mother, a woman. But oh! What hypocrisy Exists in this world you call her a lady just to mark your control over her. still a strange similarity exists between the both you worship the nature, you worship the woman in idols, in dieties, in… Continue reading The nature, A Woman



"Oh! Impeccable beauty of nature You make reality seem a dream All visuals seem illusions And your charms, They scare me For the scenes that you portray Which make me look lovingly Are perhaps paintings on curtains of mist They may slowly disperse away They are printed on the water And may slowly float away."… Continue reading Impeccable


A Cup For You

Hello, Early morning has its own charms. It gets prettier when it has rained a few hours before and you get to see some beautiful art by nature. These pretty pitchers holding drops of water are a example of such beauty. I couldn't help but take a pic. So, for them- In the lazy dawn,… Continue reading A Cup For You


Sylvia Plath: Poems to feel

I must get my soul back from you; I am killing my flesh without it. - Sylvia Plath It was when the poem, 'Mirror', by Sylvia Plath was read in the class that I discovered the poet. The poem 'Mirror' indulged me too deeply. In me she has drowned a young girl,and in me an… Continue reading Sylvia Plath: Poems to feel


Stronger Than The Storm

Here is a poem-- "When the sky grew dark The lightening would strike To scare me When i was little, Which was not long ago. Now the thunder roars The same as before. The waters fall furiously Like they used to. But i am what is different here The winds hurl wildly With the same… Continue reading Stronger Than The Storm


The Poem: It Isn’t About Falling

Here is the complete poem-- "It isn't about falling once The sun wasn't bright And the hurdle wasn't clear Enthusiasm went low In the absence of the glow And You fell once. It isn't about crying now That tear smudged face Is your real fall It isn't about despairing You can't hide      … Continue reading The Poem: It Isn’t About Falling