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I heard the joke and I cried.

Pages from a diary: I heard the joke and I cried.

I have been struggling with telling it all from a few months, but I have been struggling with keeping it in.

Today when I entered the classroom it seemed lit strangely. It was not in the lighting but in the faces, everybody was laughing and looked joyful. I wanted to have a part of the joy. But then I heard the joke, and I cried.

Though this is not the first time that I have heard and I have seen my friends relishing and having a good time laughing their heads off on what they call a ‘queer joke’ but I feel the inside of me approaching a brink of patience, a brink of my ability to hold down my emotions. And so I cried.

I ran out of the room and into the corner near a window in the corridor. I wept at the joke, at the ignorance they entertain, at how they laugh at my existence.

They do not know yet. And the scene today is the reason why they won’t know very soon either.

Pages From A Diary is a fiction series

displaying raw human emotions

He came home today

I laughed too much


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