To Workout Or Not To Workout

The whole Body Positivity movement stands under a question mark when people run into the question.

“Isn’t Body Positivity leading to yet another wave of Shaming, only that this time people targeted are those who are constantly practising vigorous workouts to get the perfect shape?”

Umm….well, yes.

The movement has led people to criticise those who are very conscious of their looks and thus strive to achieve a particular body shape. And those who are willing to go under the knife to slightly change some of their features.

But that is not what Body Positivity is about.

If we go word by word. ( And here I open the dictionary). Posititivity refers to ‘having an optimistic attitude’ which refers to one being confident about his/her own body rather than feeling ashamed about it. Body Positivity ( according to is a social movement rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image.

That means if a person chooses to get a surgery done because he/she wants to, then there is nothing wrong in that. If a person wants to achieve more fitness through excersising, then it is completely his/her decision. And if a person is comfortable and doesn’t give a damn about the fat on their tummy then also it’s okay.

Those who say that it makes us compromise with our health by promoting obesity.

No, it doesn’t.

Being healthy and keeping your body functions working well is another thing. ‘Another thing’ because if obesity leads to certain heath issues, so does the dieting practice ( which is in anyway harmful as it disrupts metabolism). And we are talking specifically about the letting down of confidence and the ever peristant stress of being likable.

The motive is only to stop others from worshipping a particular body image and having their share of laughter on those who fail to fit within those standards.

The motive is to stop people from losing their confidence due to a mere reason of looks and reaching the brink of depression.

The motive is to stop people from judging others and deciding what they should with their bodies. Because its our decision of what to do with our bodies and if it irritates your eyes to see us, well then, that’s your problem.

So, if you can look into the mirror smile and give a flying kiss to the beautiful person on the other side without giving a damn about anyone thinks about you, then you are definitely body positive.

What is your take on it?


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