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He came home today

Pages From A Diary : He came home today

Mother was sitting at the table, chopping fresh capsicum. The television was showing some news, which made little sense. Father might return today or tomorrow. Suddenly, someone knocked the front door. It can’t be father, he would have rung the bell.

I open the wooden door. It’s him. Standing right there. Smiling. I cried and threw myself at him. He kept on saying something, smiling broadly. Mother came rushing, she was crying herself. My brother was back. I noticed myself whispering silent prayers, I was grateful. Mother made him sit, started inspecting him and worrying more. She then quickly rushed to the kitchen to cook food.

I got up and went to my room to calm down.I had never expected myself to react so emotionally. Perhaps, I have escaped from my small fears until then. I have numbed myself, it seems, from the pain. And now that the anaesthesia was no more there, I realised how much drained out I was. Over so many months, over every letter, I was hoping him to be safe.

I remember when they showed on the television how situations between the countries were getting bad. How several men and women, out of their rage, called for a war. I remember now, how angry I was then and how I wished there would be no war. How easy it was for them to ask for it.

But he is back now, and I don’t know why I can’t stop crying.

Pages From A Diary is a fiction series

displaying raw human emotions


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