Collaboration, Poetry


Hello everyone! Im glad to present this collaboration with Aquib Khan . He is a wonderful person and a wonderful poet, you can surely verify my words by checking out his blog!

Let the afflatus of poetry flow.

Summon oh dear , let your words flow, the tides are high and the ark ready to afloat.

Board the deck, join the crew.


I have stepped down already, on this ark

Not with this mortal flesh, but with my soul

Can’t you see me?


With all your wisdom, I witness

You ought to be the mariner Supreme ,

The Visage of the flag.


I summon your poetic you to rule and mesmerize .

I can see sparkles the shimmery shine


The shine is but the reflection

Of the glow of the sea

We wish not to conquer but to blend,

The waves and me


There are submissive laws,

That universes get governed with,

Don’t shed tears or lay beneath,

The sorrow and vexed huts,

Don’t be their secluded hermit.

Embrace the divine laws.

Submit to the divine inspiration.


My submission is clear,

To the love and Faith of divinity.

Don’t ask me but,

To abandon sorrow.

For that which is a flaw of my flesh

Can’t diminish, can’t vanish.


Sure the marks on sand of time,

Don’t wash away with the waves,

It exist in realm where

what exist is you.

There once you set yourself to the truth,

Your new garment embraces you

With new zeal and vigour.

And sets you free.


And sets me free.

Under the love of divinity.

To yet again step on those sands.

With a new ark calling me.

To yet again touch the waves

Anticipating the journey.

The ocean of possibilities,

The mighty tides of poetry.



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