In a locked up room
With my head pounding
No, it isn’t headache.
It’s pictures, vague
Of people, of places.
And they don’t leave
They won’t , for I cling on to them.
It’s me, creator of this mayhem.

But if I can switch off lights
I can switch them on.
I don’t cry in front of them
A wet face is a weak one.
But tears must be shed off.
Pictures must be washed off.
If I can’t forget them.
I will push them aside.

And so I shed heavy tears
To a slow melody on the radio.
And then press the button

To the tunes which engulf me.
To the fast music with dancing beats.

Its been long since I made my last appearance here ( it seems quite long to me, at least). And yes, I missed a lot of things and people, here.

So today I would be glad to know,

“Which song makes you emotional and which one makes you feel good and amazing?”

Love always,


20 thoughts on “Melancholy”

  1. I could relate to what you wrote. May be we are the creators of the mayhem we live in.

    Answering your question, there are way too many songs. But the one I can think of now. ‘Chasing Pavements’ by Adele makes me emotional and ‘I’m like a bird’ by Nelly Furtado brings about a happy feeling.

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  2. Welcome back Pramegha! I guess I was not the only one who was off the blog for sometime.

    And as always, loved this little piece. The subtle gentleness in just one feeling has been pointed out to so well here.
    “It’s me, creator of this mayhem.” – This is very much relevant to us all. Only we can take situations into our hands and make life worth it.

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