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The Thief

What matters is the emotions which drove us to do an action. What do you think of the question in the below story?

I sometimes don’t understand how to define it. How to draw the line. How to mark the right from the wrong. Who is at fault? I cannot understand.

“We don’t keep vagabonds at work”.

Another door closed on him. How long can he save himself from hopelessness, he doesn’t know.

He walked down the street. On his right he could see different shops. He could see many people, happy.

He then came across another store. Vegetables, fruits and loaves of bread. His eyes looked with a despair. They had this undefined emotion. Insufficiency, hunger, needs of the stomach which seemed cruel. His appearance was untrustworthy for himself as well. His hair were dirty from the dust of the roads he slept on. His clothes were torn. I would say, his form was telling a story on its own.

Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. This is wrong, he told himself. Again and again. But there was something inside in which overpowered him. He reached up to the stall, grabbed the loaf of bread and ran. He could hear those voices is behind him. Footsteps running behind him. He kept on running.

Then he suddenly stopped. He fell onto his knees. Broke down into tears. He looked at the piece of food in his hand. Cut it in half and pushed it towards the dog who laid in front of him. His bony skeleton visible. Similarity in their conditions made him understand him better. He smiled as he saw him eat.

Suddenly few people grabbed his arms. Two policemen. He was arrested on the charges for stealing a loaf of bread. On the charges for stealing of Hunger.

If he was wrong to steal I cannot yet determine. But I know his heart was not made of conceit. He stole not for greed but for hunger, for a need.

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          1. Yes, if you have the capacity to go over the 1000 page. I never read as such but read excerpts only. Too long for me.

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