Waiting for the Wave

Days went by, grew up
They turned into months
My quill remain alone
With no verse spelled out
No poem, no prose

The blank pages horrified
There was an uneasiness

A lot was felt, a lot was felt
But nothing put in words

I yearned for the calmness
That spreads through creation.

But wisdom talked again
This is the build up
Of something better.
This is the time to feel
Of solely feeling
The minutest touch
Of the moment.

The wave is travelling farther
And will return to the shore
With a lot more,
With A lot more.

Every time when you feel that you are facing writer’s block, perhaps it’s actually because you are about to write better.

Tell me, how do you deal with your writer’s block?



12 thoughts on “Waiting for the Wave”

  1. Yayee very deep and inspiring.
    Will get back to the shore.
    With a lot more.
    With a lot more.

    You write pretty well.
    Awesome description.
    But it seems to me it defines a painful story.
    But inspiring in the end that will get back.
    With a lot more.

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  2. Writing about not being able to write! I guess it is far too common for us writers, is it not? 🙂

    I often face writer’s block but time and again, I have found that it culminates into something so powerfully better than your usual works that you wonder who wrote it! Something along the lines of what you have concluded, I guess 🙂

    If you are into Hindi poetry, here is the link where I have written this exact thought:

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