The Horror Show.

Whenever we talk about movies, horror is my favourite genre. I love the atmosphere getting spooky and thrilling.

The best part is though, that the movie might not scare you as much at the time when you watch it as it’s recollection does on a sleepless night.

But yes, there is that one thing with horror movies….the clichés~

  • You have got that deserted mansion or land, guarded by a scary looking caretaker ( who is scarier than the ghost itself).
  • A group of highly adventurous friends ( how can I forget this).
  • The TV and the lights go crazy, switching on and off. ( makes me think that the ghost is actually playful)
  • Most of the ghosts strictly follow time rules, they will be there at sharp 12 or 3 at night.

But that is not the end! I request you to tell some more such clichés ( in the comments section) and add to the humour.

And then I must talk about the Indian horror show!

Our favourite is the amaavasya ki raat ( no moon night), seriously.

Then we love our female ghosts, “Safed saadi wali aunty” ( the women in a white saree), and she has got this liking to white colour for her skin is pure white ( she can pose in a fair and lovely advertisement) and she has got long black hair.

We always have an ultra spooky tree, but it’s usually the bargad or peepal ka ped ( the banyan or peepal tree), which is haunted by some witch.

Do share your views on horror movies and definitely add
something to this list of clichés.

Stay happy,


34 thoughts on “The Horror Show.”

  1. One is walking, ghost in the movies does a bit of tramp and bam suddenly appears on the face. I want to tell the directors the kids even dont scare. What scare are the realism in the horror movie.
    My i too have seen apparion in my house. Now I don’t get scared in a least bit. Really. Have you ever had such experience?

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    1. You have seen an apparition!

      I have heard my friends tell me stories of them seeing ghosts
      Though I do have terrible nightmares, aur mere liye utna hi kaafi hai. 😂😂

      Where did you encounter this 👻??

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  2. I absolutely cannot handle horror movies. Not one bit. I have seen just 2 horror movies in my entire life and i didnt sleep for days. I have a vivid imagination and i create scenarios in my head that are way worse than what happened in the movie. Not going to watch another one every again.

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  3. I live and breathe all things horror, from books and articles online to movies and events. One thing that I’ve noticed from watching horror movies most of my life is when you least expect it something happens. Either the killer jumps out from behind a corner or a friend of the protagonist and the protagonist runs into each other. After a year or two this starts to get predictable, especially when you notice the music changes. I wish there was a horror movie out there that wouldn’t make this so predictable.

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    1. So you are a big horror fan! I like watching horror as well.
      We do need some different kind of plot in horror movies, they all are getting highly predictable.

      Thank you for reading.
      Have a great day.

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