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A face painted.

To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.

– Charlie Chaplin

He was just ready now. It takes time. A hour has passed, but he was quicker today. He just added a little bit more of red near the eye, perfect now!

Half an hour was still left.

He was staring right into the mirror. The moments of earlier this day made their way back into his head.

No, you don’t have a say in this! Do you even get me”. His brother had said.

“I am an equal member of this house”. He had replied.

“Huh! What do you provide for it, then? Your income is not even enough to feed yourself. And the work you do….. I laugh at you!”

His wife had stood there silent, until now

“Your brother isn’t wrong, I sometimes feel ashamed.” She muttered.

His family considered him worthless, he knew that. His only companion, his beloved who knew his worth has left him today, his dear fluffy, his pet dog.

He returned back from those memories.Tears had destroyed all his hardwork. He quickly corrected his face again.

“Tears aren’t meant for me. My work isn’t a disgrace. I know that.”

He then wore his brightest smile and walked forth.

The curtains opened to reveal the housefull theatre.

He walked a few steps and slipped and fell hard, he winced. The crowd bursted out laughing.

And then there wasn’t a moment when laughing faces and happy children couldn’t be seen. And his heart felt light, his belief was made stronger. He wasn’t here for merely the money, he was earning smiles, laughter.

It’s true, so true that none of us ever wondered about what lies beneath the layers of paint, beneath that skin. He, who gave everything in an effort to earn smiles. Even in the baddest days, worst situations…..he could make you smile.

Another day, he again gulps his pain as he walks to stage. Looking the most cheerful, happiest. Tears covered with all the make up. And he makes waves of laughter echo. The delight of the circus, the clown.

Stay happy and laughing,


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