Practical Idiots

I look again now
At those strings lying jumbled
which were held before
In relations.
I thought I was precise
In holding them out to you
Perhaps not.

Who says money isn’t magnetic
I saw you pulled myself
Towards hands filled, hearts empty
I saw you hugging bodies
Decorated with gems, platinum
My heart, not gold, not diamond
It is just a cheap metal
Prone to being abandoned

People are practical idiots
Money is practical
Love, merely nonsensical
So I should shut up
To avoid mockery and insult
For My tongue has an habit of slipping
To the language of love

I hold my tears back
As I sit at the auction
And watch you getting sold
Happily weighing yourself
With coins of gold
I hold the card “priceless”
I always thought you were more
Perhaps, not

So called “relations”
I am their emotional fool
But they are sorry, very sorry
They cannot hold my hand
Without a gold foil in between
But I am bad in forgiving
better in maintaining silence
To avoid riots

I shall be thankful, actually
To the shiny plastic tags
High prices, rich brands
Which are the rubber bands
Sticking people together
I shall be okay
With my letters lying torn
Their words were nothing
The feelings were nothing

After all,
Love is nonsensical
And People are practical idiots.

Well, when people choose money over love, it hurts. But then, it reveals them.

We all have had these kinds of relations. Do you agree?

Stay happy and loved,


26 thoughts on “Practical Idiots”

  1. As your above comment says its really a marvelous read.
    And very heartfelt it was very poignant and striking emotions. Very well penned.
    Be happy I believe in happy-go-lucky rule. Just enjoy love and relationships is all secondary thing. (except the relationship between. Us and our parents which is something pure. Since the terminologies are now tainted with same color, the word love is misconstrued, or this love is secondary. It’s getting complex lol. Let’s live a simple and cool life yep =.

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    1. I too believe that the word love has gone away from the feeling it was meant to convey. Pondering over this is truly very complex!

      Parents and us is family and that’s what matters. You are very right, all other relations are secondary.

      Thank you🌸


  2. A wise and sad poem. No, I have never chosen such a lover who would leave me for money but I always pitied those who did. I had parents who taught me about real values in life and I saw the love they had for each other.

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  3. There is quite some melancholic force in your poem. I love the tone and structure. I must that the them of love is explored in fresher perspective, though through an antagonistic light.

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  4. Agree all the way! My mother, and sister talk about this all the time. How no relative will respect you if you don’t have money. They will avoid you like a plague. Money does many things in this world, half of them are wrong.

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