Hello, I have tried my hand at short stories. Here is one.

I look at my watch- 6:00 PM. It’s been an hour since I left home. I never came this far in my evening walk. This was a path I less traveled. But I have seen this neighbourhood before.

I turn around the corner. Yellow-flowered trees, lines of sunflowers and a playground with laughing children- it was the perfect park. I went inside. Most of the benches were occupied. On one of them a little sweet girl of around 6 was seated. I sat near her. She looked up to me and smiled.

A few minutes passed. Suddenly, the girl took out a diary from her bag.

“Excuse me”, she said in a sugary voice. ” Will you listen to a story I wrote, please?”.

I couldn’t say no. I nodded my head in a yes. She began.

“One day a little girl named Isabelle was playing in a garden. Her ball went into the nearby house. So she ran to the house. In the house, there was no one. The house was open. She was curious, so she went inside. The doors closed themselves and suddenly a lady with long, long black hair came in front of her. She was a scary ghost. Isabelle didn’t come out of the house…..” She gave a pause. ” …..ever”.

I felt confused. I mentally applauded her imagination. Her story was too good for a 6 year old. I smiled and told her that it was an amazing story.

It was 6:30 PM, I had to go home now. I got up and then looked back.

“What is your name, dear?”, I enquired.

“Isabelle”, she said and smiled.

I turned, took one step and quickly turned towards her again, she wasn’t there now.

Do give your reviews.

And a question for you all,

Which was the last horror movie you watched?

Do give your answers.

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