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That Very Question

It was when we all (me and my friends) were indulged in the wave of women empowerment. ( Well, we still are!). We had given several speeches on awareness regarding the same in front of a student audience.

Our words received remarks, good and bad ( every action has its setbacks ). The bad ones were left for us to think over.

One day, I got into a debate with a guy. He started saying things which did not make sense to me. I argued to him regarding the freedom of every female to wear clothes of her choice and the freedom to be able to walk fearlessly at night. He thought otherwise. He thought doing so would be a risk. He asked me this ( very very intelligent) question-

” If there was a ditch in the middle of the road you are walking on, then, will you walk straight and fall into it or walk safely from the side of it?”

Well, not in any argument in my life was I able to give a proper answer at the time ( I could then remember several witty replies later!, Don’t we always?). But at that instance, this is what I replied-

” No, I will jump over the ditch. Many have taken the easy way from the side of the road but if everyone continues like a this then the ditch will remain always. Then we should make sure we cover the ditch with a plank or fill it up so that everyone can walk safely over it, without any fear.”

Well, how would you have reacted to a question like this?

Do share your views and answers.

Love and strength,


8 thoughts on “That Very Question”

  1. It all depends the situation. ok I have few situations how I will deal with it.
    Case 1 : Suppose I go on a morning walk, then probably I would fill up the ditch and continue walking o’er it.
    Case 2: Suppose I walk to the office with my shirts tucked in and have my polished shoes, and with a velvet tie, I would probably walk along the side go to office
    Case 3: If suppose I go for shopping something then I might fill it up and walk along
    Case 4: If I return from Shopping and having luggage in hand, i would not care it
    Case 5: suppose I had filled it up before and it’s ditched again, I will won’t give a damn, I am not a PWD worker..

    I can go with many cases…

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    1. You are right in every answer you gave.

      Here, the question is largely symbolic. It is pointed towards the existence of a social stereotype, for that’s what the debate was about. And the answer was symbolic on attempts to end those stereotypes.

      But as I said, for the ‘ditch in the road’ problem you are right.

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