You Human!


It’s been long since I posted anything and in this time period I really missed WordPress and of course, you all. But now I am back with another post!

It’s not new now-a-days to find people hurling abuses. In a fight, while they are furious or casually, when they are too happy (so funny that it’s true).

But here is one word which is common and used quite often (especially here in India). So, presenting you that very word- “Dog“.

But I gave it a thought. (Now you would think I have so much time to waste that I think about abuses, will you?). So yes, I gave it a thought and came to the conclusion that it isn’t quite a curse word.

I mean, think again. Many of us have pet dogs, puppies and many of us who don’t still find them adorable.

We all have written that essay in school on “Our Favourite Pet” and usually it was a dog. The words were same too- faithful, friendly, loyal, playful, obedient,etc. Consider this now, even human beings are not always faithful and loyal. And to call the person you dislike, a dog, is not appropriate ( it’s wrong for dogs actually).

On a serious note here, we cannot refer to ill behaving people who lack morals as animals. Animals won’t bite you without reason ( humans can), animals don’t kill each other without reason.

But as I read news everyday and beast- like instances come in front of my eyes, I become more sure of one thing. That thing is that the conversation among the animals must be quite like this sometimes-

One dog teased the other and he got agitated. In his anger, without thinking, he said,

“You, such a human…”

And on the utterance of this curse word, a great fight began.

What do you think on the same?

Do share me your views.



17 thoughts on “You Human!”

      1. It was a good read. Thank you for sharing your thought.
        Now if you haven’t already I would really fancy if you could go through my blog and leave some feedbacks or follow that’d just make my day

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  1. Welcome back! It’s true that ‘dog’ isn’t a great insult, it doesn’t really conjure up the image of nastiness that it gets used for. I like the idea of dogs using ‘human’ as an insult! Animals do bite and kill for no good reason though – for fun or out of irritation/anger, just like humans do.

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