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Feminism: Empowering Men

Yes. Yes you heard it right. There isn’t any typing error. The title says “Empowering Men”.


How does Feminism empower men?

Do men need to get empowered?

Oh, wait now. Stop bombarding me with questions. Read on.

Two things have being going on together since a very (very) long time. When we talk about women being treated as inferior we also talk about the superiority of men. No man was born with the notion that he is superior, nor was he born bold and strong. As he grew up, he was made to believe all this and well as inculcate it in himself.

Just like the society has moulds for the girls to fit in so they have for boys too.

Boys are told to be rough and tough and emotionally as well as physically strong. This very ideal perception of masculinity is like a burden.

Men are supposed to keep their tears forced within. If he cries he would risk his image as a MAN. Such repressed emotions give birth to depression and frustration.

Men are supposed to be bread earners and an unemployed man ( a househusband) would be highly criticised by the society.

If men don’t have to be aggressive in order to be accepted, women won’t feel compelled to be submissive.

-Emma Watson

Women today don’t trust men easily (they don’t dare to) for the crimes around them force them not to. Thus, here it is harmful for men ( for all the gentleman).

An unbalanced weighing scale can be balance by adding as well as removing weights. We have to do both here.

Women and men both must be free to feel strong like a fire and also to be sensitive to melt like ice.

WE want to change the wrong mindset and WE all can do it together. That’s what Feminism is about. That’s what equality is about.

Stay strong.



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