Trapped In The Shell

“Trapped in tough folds
Folds of thick fabric
Inside a shell.
Reflect, reflect.
Wriggle, be calm
Wriggle, be firm
Wriggle, be persistent
Move, break out.
Break out, now see
Yourself, differently.
See with, the soul’s eye
Your broken shell,
Your cocoon.
You are then-
A butterfly.
The sky is yours
So is the breeze
Fly free, for
It was meant to be.

Come out of the dark shell gracefully, like a butterfly does from her cocoon.

Stay strong.



2 thoughts on “Trapped In The Shell”

  1. Beautiful!
    With this you’ve not only shown the life cycle of a butterfly but also the growth of a person who is determined to break free from the clutches of thoughts/things holding him/her back.

    Liked by 1 person

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