Stereotypes in society and the ignorance that exists

Everytime you feel weak, disheartened

Heatbeats quicken, fasten

You know you are right amongst all wrong,

Hold up yourself,

Say it to yourself,….once more

Stay strong

She woke up cheerily in the morning , awaiting the day, though she knows it is all the same. She searches her wardrobe for that sleeveless dress but then gives up, well is she allowed to wear it? Even if she is, she FEARS to wear it. She leaves for her work, that is her routine and dreads when she has to cross that lane where fatheads stand to mock her, pass comments. And does their habit depend on what she is wearing? NO CERTAINLY NOT. At the workplace, she fights with being treated inferior and tries to escape all those jokes and comments meant to insult her. She doesn’t get an auto in the evening, though she rejected one as the man driving it LOOKED SCARY. She is faced by angry parents who are troubled as she came late. Their worries their tensions still well justified in this world. She must not stay out after evening sets. Still justified in this world. When all those out their , she and her parents FEAR, someone’s dear sons, are well JUSTIFIED in doing whatever they want.
She is you, me and every girl out there, the stories may vary but the reality remains the same.

Crimes like dowry, molestation, eve teasing, domestic violence, female foeticide stand out like rusty devils in our society in their strongest forms; India has been declared unsafe for women but still we are told to rejoice because of some advancements that have taken place.

In any crime committed the guilty is punished not the victim. Quite opposite happens here when we tell women to not to go out when it is dark and to wear ‘proper’ clothes. I still dont know what ‘proper’ is. Prevention is always better than cure, but such a prevention is a bondage and in this scenario it is time to break free.

Another annoying fact is the society’s perception of an ideal woman. She is soft, sweet, tolerant (obviously!), doesn’t talk or laugh loudly and conducts herself properly. Such stereotypes of a feminine image make women take all the abuse they recieve from their partners and still stay silent.

Hypocrisy, then, flows in our veins. A household with the man as the working person and the woman as a housewife is ideal and pleasing. But if the opposite happens then it becomes an offensive idea in the eyes of our society and the man who is not working is highly criticised. If both of them are working then the woman must manage her home equally. But think over it, if two working peopke live in the same house shouldn’t the responsibilities be shared?

Still, the judicial system of india sits as a devil, tiring and mentally torturing as they delay the cases making it difficult for women who dare to complain because we know there are hundreds of cases which are left unreported, and the newspapers present news on women harassment everyday, shattering our morals, making us question our role in the society.

To all those proud parents out there who point towards their daughters and say, ‘she is not my daughter, she is my son’ , think over it and have a little more belief in your daughters and next time point to your sons and say ‘he is not my son, he is like my daughter’.

Ask me the synonym of strength, power, ambition, boldness and independence and i would say it is a WOMAN.


18 thoughts on “Stereotypes in society and the ignorance that exists”

  1. i always say this thing that we call our daughters “Beta” why not to try calling our sons “Bitiya”
    i loved how well articulated your expression was.
    Here is link to my blog on Stay-at-home wife and people’s judgement about herhttps://wp.me/p9tZ21-3l
    I hope you will like my work.If you do then please follow back.
    Thanks in advance dear.

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  2. You have given us yet another impactful post. It will surely make the readers give a thought to your points. And indeed, a woman is synonymous to strength and independence. Although I’d say that there are many women out there who need to realize this.
    Great words Pramegha!

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