Rescuing the Princess

Let me tell you a sweet tale today.

Once upon a time in a far away land ( cliche, huh?), there used to be a beautiful princess who stayed in a grand palace.

She was like a tender rose. She had the best manners and was kind hearted (isn’t she always?).

Everything in her life was wonderful until one day. One fine day she was kidnapped by a wicked enemy and kept in a tall tower surrounded by malicious guards ( you guessed it, didn’t you?).

She screamed for help.

And her scream was heard by him.

There was only one person who could save her from the powerful enemy and his evil army. It was the him, the prince , the knight in the shining armour (on the white horse, etc..etc.) The prince, who has defeated a thousand opponents single handedly (umm… that’s what the rumours were. Come on….believe it).

The prince assured the king that he would bring his daughter safely and went on his task.

There he stood in front of the tower, in front of the deadly guards. He ran towards them, raised his sword high and well, out of excitement he raised it too high and it swung and fell on the ground. The guards tied him down, on his knees (wasn’t that too quick).

He screamed for help.

His screams were heard by her.

The feeble princess in the tower heard him and a wave of fury ran through her (after all, he was her knight in the shining armour). She twisted the arms of the guards, grabbed the sword from the hand of one and broke the lock and rushed downstairs. She flung her sword at the guards and left them pleading to her. She reached the ground and untied the prince and saved him.

Well, then our tender, beautiful princess (without the shining armour) rescued herself as well as the brave courageous prince ( don’t doubt his courage, I still believe the rumours).

And she lived happily ever after in her great grand palace (the prince went on to slay other enemies, I wish well for him).

The end.

Well, we had a quite beautiful princess here. All girls are princesses, rulers of their own hearts, of their own life. All girls are princesses with their grace and their strength. So don’t depend on any prince.

Stay strong.



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