The Love-Tree


It is often that some creations of nature strike me deeply. This one tree makes me feel as if I were at some other heavenly place.

Isn’t there something so lively and special about it? I end up saying a few praises hoping she (my tree) will hear it.

She is the one I smile to,

And say a hello whenever I see her,

I never thought that I would find a friend in a tree.

Is there anything in the nature around you which gives you such a friendly and happy feeling?



11 thoughts on “The Love-Tree”

          1. Yes… I’ve never been a poem person, but I can get you started… Behind the pink blossoms,
            The mystery was there,
            If you looked ever so closely,
            You’d see Jasmin in there…

            How’s that for starters?? 🙂

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