Snug in Strength

The light child
A month or so
Soft as lambs fur
Delicate as a cobweb
Secure, snug in strong arms
The smoothness caressed
Against the rough skin
Yet, quiet and tranquil
There was beauty in the contrast
Of maturity and infancy
Of strength and fragility
Of experience and naivety
The sharp defined features
Against the round ones
The tan of toiling
Against the dewy freshness
The muscular body
Against the chubby cheeks
Such a passion in those eyes
Now looking lovingly in
Those innocent ones

I looked awestruck, as if looking at some wonder, at those two angels, the little child and her.

And the baby was snug in the strength of the strongest. One who would fight the toughest for the little one, the dearest.


4 thoughts on “Snug in Strength”

  1. I loved this. And I love the picture you put to accompany the poem. In Kenya, that contrast seems even more apparent than in the more pampered living we have here. And I was struck there also by the organic physical bond the mothers and children had. You described it well.

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