She Against She: A Girl Is Born


I would like to announce that I am starting a series titled, “She Against She”. I would request your participation by sharing your own views as well as sharing the post. You could also share your views on the topic on any social media platform, under the hashtag #iempowered.


It was the day they all awaited, today their family was to get a new family member. Today, their son was to be born.

The father was waiting anxiously, the grandparents were ringing the phone every 10 minutes, the sister was pacing up and down. Finally the news came,
Congratulations, a girl is born.

Faces went pale, the smiles stopped half way. The phone rang again, the good news was told to the grand parents, they were so happy that they disconnected the call abruptly.
When the mother gained consciousness, she exclaimed,
Take her away!”
In that unfortunate moment, she said those words. Perhaps she was not sane in that moment, for she was ungrateful towards a gift from God.

This little piece of fiction, well, is not fiction to be honest. It is true and is happening every day. But the thing which breaks my heart the most is the unjust reaction of the women. They themselves, being daughters, being women could let their hearts be so insensitive. And the pure and innocent newborn girl is faced by disgust expressed by them.

This is disheartening but more shameful, that women are letting down other women.

The fight for gender equality today calls out to all the communities to participate. But, seriously, we cannot win until women remain against and ignorant towards other women. We all need to raise our voice and enlighten others.

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2 thoughts on “She Against She: A Girl Is Born”

  1. When I was pregnant, lots of people told me they were happy for me – to be having a son. ‘Good that you’re giving your husband a son. First born should be a son.’ I remember thinking, ‘Who do you think I’m married to, Henry VIII? And I’ll get my head chopped off I can’t produce a male heir? It’s 2006 for goodness sake!’
    This was in Spain. Every woman who told me that was French.
    I am Danish and I was beyond astounded.

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    1. Many people have this retarded notion that ‘the firstborn shall be a son’. But you thought right.
      Girls and boys are all equal. A girl child is like a fairy!
      Thank you for sharing your views, it is really appreciated.

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