An Advice to your younger self

What advice will you give to your younger self?

I have come across this question quite a many times. But as this is thought-provoking, it set me pondering. And i came up with this answer–

I’d probably not tell my younger self about the hardships she has to face, about the realities of people or warn her about the cruel world. I would not tell her anything about the darker side, for it would change her perspective of a fairy-tale world.

Instead of making her aware, i would like to leave her naive. For it is me now who wishes to look at the world like that little girl did. Her innocent ways and point of view was beautiful and pure.

I would just ask her to stay as she is, and to leave any grudges (which she probably won’t have!).

I would like to put forward the same question to you.

What advice would you give to your younger self (6-7years old) ?

Let’s share our point-of-views. Do give your answers in the comments section.



16 thoughts on “An Advice to your younger self”

  1. Hmmm…it’s thought provoking. My mind instantly jumped to all the things I could tell her – from encouraging her to be herself to the cheap one’s, like telling a winning lottery numbers. But the truth is…if she knew…if I told her anything at all, I wouldn’t exist, and call me selfish, but I got a long way from the scrawny brat that was afraid of her own shadow…and if she wasn’t falling so much; wasn’t scared and beaten the way she was I wouldn’t be here…And I love myself fiercely, so I guess I would pass on the opportunity, because every bump and mistake are as precious as happy days. They made me and I do not wish to change a thing,

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  2. I would certainly tell my self that I am stronger and smarter than people give me credit for and that it is okay to be sensitive. I would also tell me that it is ok not to be that good at math!
    More than anything I would tell my self that God is good and his love. Is not conditional of earned by being “good” and he really doesn’t give two flips about most of our theology.
    There is probably a lot more but that is a start! Good thoughts!

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  3. This is indeed thought-provoking. My message to my younger self would be somewhat similar to yours. I definitely wouldn’t tell my younger self about how hard life gets as we grow. That would hamper the little child’s growth process. Children look out at the world with hope shining in their eyes.

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