Stronger Than The Storm

Here is a poem–

“When the sky grew dark
The lightening would strike
To scare me
When i was little,
Which was not long ago.

Now the thunder roars
The same as before.
The waters fall furiously
Like they used to.
But i am what is different here

The winds hurl wildly
With the same rumbling sound,
That made me shriek before
But I am getting scared no more

The dark skies are an anticipation
There is a firm speculation
Of a tough and hard weather
A sigh!
For i know what i should expect

The grey and smoky clouds
They roar and shout,
But the effects have changed so
They fuel me now
With strength and energy

And the sky dazzles with a spark
No running away though follows
Just an ignition
as if stimulating power, of a strange kind

The stormy weather is
no more a scare
But an recognition of strength
When heart beats like thunder
Gleams like lightning

Another anticipation follows
And another assurance,
Of the clouds settling down
Into a blue sky
Of the spirits rising up
Calm yet stronger”

Stay strong and believe in yourself, for maybe or surely you are more powerful than the storm.



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