Women’s day or is it?

Happy international women’s day.
I believe every day is women’s day.
Every day we celebrate, when we ignore the news of how a little girl got harassed. When we see them mocking her at her workplace, but we stay mum. When we see her being teased on the streets, but it does not matter to us. And we celebrate women’s day every day , just like this.

Speak up, now!

Dont think twice, because if not now, when?

Our silence is making us criminals, we are those people who are harassing victims when we see, and pretend we didn’t. We are supporting the abuser when we know it is wrong, but don’t speak.

Rise above this, and go on forward, speak fearlessly for you know that spoken words have power, if used correctly , they make lives beautiful.

And yes….

Giving women’s day wishes on one day is stupid. We can’t suddenly wake up on 8th March and say that today is women’s day, today they are strong, today we respect them, today we realise their importance. Respect them evey day, and that’s enough.
To all women out there–

The day you realise that you have immense potential and you can run forward, even if they try to hold you back. The day you do not sit and think “how much strength do i have?” but understand that your strength is immeasurable. That day is women’s day for you.

Love and lots of strength to you,


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