The Poem: It Isn’t About Falling

Here is the complete poem–

“It isn’t about falling once
The sun wasn’t bright
And the hurdle wasn’t clear
Enthusiasm went low
In the absence of the glow
And You fell once.

It isn’t about crying now
That tear smudged face
Is your real fall
It isn’t about despairing
You can’t hide                                               From problems, difficulties.

you cannot consider a failure, the end.

Of a journey to infinity.

It was that slippery floor
Or the hole you didn’t see
And now you lay down
Tripping over it, hopeless.                           This feeling of hopelessness,

Is your real fall.

It is about regaining yourself now
Skipping the slippery floor
Paving the hole
You know, it isn’t about falling once
It is about climbing.

Its about strengthening yourself enough,
Enough to not fall twice.”

Do share your views on this.

Stay strong, stay motivated.



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