What is love?

“He tries a thousand times in vain,
Sprinkling magic in phrases,
Art in words
like a fairy, a wizard casting spells
A poet but, oh he cannot explain
The true meaning of love”

Love is blissful. Love is truth. Love is beauty.

Even though i try hard, it is difficult to define love. You might write a hundred pages and still be unable to explain. You might just look into someone’s eyes and understand everything.

I would love to interact with you all and would love to expand my views by knowing yours.

I request you all to write down in one sentence, what is love? in the comments section.

It will be a pleasure to know what you think.

Lots of love.




14 thoughts on “What is love?”

      1. Love.. love is something that cannot be defined
        it is like God’s heavenly chime
        Love is beyond all the realms of time
        it is something that doesn’t happen every once in a while.
        Love is a feeling so pure, a feeling so true
        Love is a feeling so divine.
        The older it is, the better it gets
        Love is like an aged wine.


  1. I’d say love is something metaphorically charming, but I believe it is actually not fair to the word itself to define it and to narrow it’s meaning. Love is love, and it’s life-changing.
    Great post 🙂

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